Members of the Asia Pacific region at the regional meeting in August 2019 in Bangkok.

AIIC Asia-Pacific is the regional branch of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) – the only international association of interpreters. Our members are all experienced conference interpreters based throughout the greater Asia-Pacific region.

You can find AIIC interpreters in most Asia-Pacific countries, and AIIC teams also travel extensively to international events. Our primary focus is on providing a highly professional service of the highest possible quality while complying with AIIC’s strict Code of Conduct.

Not only do we provide all forms of interpreting services (simultaneous, consecutive, whispering), but we can also advise our clients on how to make the most of their interpreting teams and help them assess their language needs for a successful event.

Our members

AIIC interpreters in Asia-Pacific are all dedicated professionals with extensive training and experience. Search our database of members here, to find an interpreter by location, by language or by name.

Our clients

Our members’ clients include ministries, international organisations, UN agencies, multinational corporations, international and local NGOs, sports federations, trade unions, and private clients… Learn more about the Asia-Pacific interpreting market.

AIIC Asia-Pacific: what we do

As a professional body for experienced conference interpreters, we advocate for the profession, promote the highest standards of quality, ethics and working conditions, and organize training, events & networking opportunities for our members as well as for non-members. Read more about the services we provide to our members here.