AIIC President Addresses BLCU Interpreting Competition

AIIC President addressing the BLCU competition in Beijing

Mr. Uros Peterc, President of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC), addressed participants at the finals of the 9th International Translation and Interpreting Competition “Perfect World” Cup 2020 held in Beijing on 11 October 2020. The competition, organized by the Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), brought together professional interpreters, interpreter trainers, and students from the 5 most prestigious interpreting schools in China.

The BLCU’s International Translation and Interpreting Competition has been taking place since 2011. The competitions usually last for nearly 4 months and attract attention in China and abroad from universities and enterprises.

AIIC Asia-Pacific, represented by its regional bureau, had planned a meeting with outreach activities during the event but was forced to cancel due to pandemic-related travel restrictions. However, to demonstrate support, the regional bureau organized for AIIC’s president to speak to the interpreting students and trainers at the finals via video conferencing.

Uros acknowledged the efforts of the organizers despite the logistical challenges. He recognized the fast growth of interpreter training programmes in China and conveyed AIIC’s support for training. He highlighted AIIC’s role in the development of standards and research on the new interpreting modalities. In closing, he expressed his willingness to get more engaged in future interpreting-related activities in this region in an era where travel is limited but virtual events are on the rise.

AIIC Asia-Pacific will continue to provide support to the next generation of interpreters through outreach events and thematic activities like workshops and webinars. Interpreting students and young interpreters can visit the AIIC VEGA Network here for more resources.

By Leo Hailong Liu