As an international association, AIIC sets out the same basic rules for all its members around the world. These rules are approved by the AIIC Assembly and implemented by its executive bodies.

AIIC’s official languages are English and French. The Statutes and Regulations are therefore published only in these two languages.

Rules that apply throughout the Association (internationally)

The Statutes set out the structure and procedures of the organization and establish the requirements for membership and the rules for practising the profession.

The Code of Professional Ethics lays down professional rules on dealings with clients and between interpreters, covering such matters as confidentiality, quality assurance and working conditions.

The Professional Standards set out the conditions necessary to ensure high-quality interpreting while protecting the health and safety of interpreters.

Full information pertaining to the admissions procedure and language classification within AIIC can be found in the Regulation governing admissions and language classification.

A complete list of AIIC’s regulations and basic texts can be found here.

Regional structure

Interpreting markets around the globe have many points in common but they also have regional and linguistic specificities. To better support its members and reflect their diversity, AIIC is structured into 23 different regions.

For AIIC interpreters in Asia-Pacific, their first point of contact with the association is through the AIIC Asia-Pacific region, which has a Bureau responsible for presenting members’ views to AIIC’s governing bodies, convening regional meetings and coordinating regional projects.

The region has its own Rules of Procedure, budget and financial regulations.