English Retour Enhancement with Matthew Perret

This workshop is designed to help interpreters working into English “B” to develop repertoire, strategies, and reactions through interpreting and public speaking exercises. It will cover:
• English enhancement, with a focus on register and culturally sensitive language.
• Specific “retour” skills, such as analysis of mother tongue as a passive language, elaboration, and simplification for ease of comprehension, strategic use of intonation, “plan B” prioritisation, and coping strategies to avoid paralysing perfectionism.
• A refresher of core interpreting skills, starting with analysis and deverbalisation, to avoid auto-pilot and lexical and syntactic

Trainer: Matthew Perret interprets for the European Parliament; writes and performs comedy and theater; and trains conference
interpreters. Being a sought-after trainer for international organizations and AIIC training worldwide, Matthew has also taught regularly in
Asia and to interpreters with native Asian languages.

When: Full day, Saturday, Aug 26
Where: Shinjuku, Tokyo. On-site only
Participants: 30 at maximum. First-come-first-served. All “A” languages are welcome, preferably at least two participants per language.
• Early bird discount: AUD 275 for AIIC members who register and pay by June 30th.
• AUD 300 for AIIC members, candidates, and precandidates
• AUD 350 for non-members

Register at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1Aug 26 Retour Workshop in TokyoFAIpQLSe5L_FLUiwqoyDE7z4RvA1vMhVoR2Kg0EssIQdo5dZSb2BynQ/viewform