The COVID-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented challenge for seamless multilingual communication. It has placed face-to-face conferences and international travel on hold and forced clients to rely on virtual meeting formats. In its commitment to multilingualism, AIIC has intensified its work on distance interpreting and specifically on remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI), which offers a solution to help institutional and private clients hold multilingual virtual meetings during the coronavirus crisis.

As well as its Guidelines For Distance Interpreting, AIIC has published a set of best practices for interpreters during the COVID-19 crisis and performed extensive testing of remote interpreting technology.

Based on the experience of AIIC’s conference interpreters in online multilingual meetings, it has also put together Tips for Speakers that will allow interpreters to help clients get their message across in the best possible way.


EN Speaker AIIC


AIIC interpreters continue to provide simultaneous interpretation online during the pandemic, working with their clients to explain the technical and cognitive challenges this represents and advise them on the best solution and the limitations of RSI.

Multilingual communication remains possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, and your best option is to contact an AIIC interpreter or an AIIC consultant as early as possible in the planning phase of your virtual event. Whether you are meeting on Zoom, Teams, or any other meeting platform, you should contact an AIIC interpreter directly to discuss your language requirements.

Recommendations and Guidelines for interpretation during COVID


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