Hui-Huan Lee

Conference Interpreter

Mailing address

50L Faber Heights # 02-81
Faber Crest
129205 Singapour

Professional address:




AIIC Asia-Pacific AIIC Asia-Pacific Active Member since 1989


  • A
    Chinese Native language
  • A
    Chinese-Min Nan Native language
  • B
    English Speaking and understanding
  • B
    Chinese-Cantonese Speaking and understanding

Language combination

  • Chinese-Min Nan to Chinese
  • Chinese to Chinese-Min Nan
  • English to Chinese
  • Chinese-Cantonese to Chinese
  • English to Chinese-Min Nan
  • Chinese-Cantonese to Chinese-Min Nan
  • Chinese to English
  • Chinese-Min Nan to English
  • Chinese to Chinese-Cantonese
  • Chinese-Min Nan to Chinese-Cantonese
  • Chinese-Cantonese to English
  • English to Chinese-Cantonese