Jean-Pierre Allain

Conference Interpreter

Mailing address

511-04-01 Sri Golden Bay
Tanjong Bungah Road
11200 Penang
from September 6, 2008

Professional address:




AIIC Asia-Pacific AIIC Asia-Pacific Associate Member since 1973


  • A
    Spanish Native language (interprets from/to)
  • A
    English Native language (interprets from/to)
  • B
    French Interprets from/to
  • C
    German Interprets from
  • C
    Portuguese Interprets from

Language combination

  • English to Spanish
  • Spanish to English
  • French to Spanish
  • French to English
  • German to Spanish
  • Portuguese to Spanish
  • German to English
  • Portuguese to English
  • Spanish to French
  • English to French
  • Portuguese to French