Here is how to find the right interpreters to ensure smooth and accurate communication between the participants at your multilingual event.

Selection criteria for interpreters

Sourcing the right interpreters depends on the event.

  • Language combinations – from and into which languages is interpreting required?
  • How many interpreters do you need for your event?
  • Which mode of interpreting suits you best – simultaneous or consecutive?

For something as vital to the success of your event, you will of course expect:

  • Trained and qualified conference interpreters
  • Professional experience
  • Professional conduct and secrecy
  • Professional standards
  • Membership of professional associations such as AIIC
  • References
  • Expert advice
  • Transparent pricing

In our databases – with close to 200 members in Asia-Pacific and over 3,000 worldwide – you will find interpreters who satisfy all these requirements.

You can find further information about which mode of interpreting to use and how language combinations work in our FAQ section, which covers a broad range of frequently asked questions about interpreting.

Interpreters at work

Consultant interpreters

Consultant interpreters are experienced AIIC members who advise clients in the run-up to an event, put together teams of interpreters and coordinate the full interpreting service.

Their services include:

  • Advice on mode of interpreting, number of interpreters and technical equipment
  • Booking a team of interpreters
  • Providing quotations and handling contracts
  • Central management of the interpreting service at the preparatory stage and on site, including technical requirements
  • Feedback and quality assurance

Any questions?

Asia-Pacific’s AIIC interpreters are here to help.

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