Imagine a multilingual event where participants can communicate so smoothly that language barriers disappear. Every day, AIIC members in 18 Asia-Pacific countries make this happen for their clients. They expertly handle communication from and into  all the  main languages of Asia Pacific and the rest of the world, as well as other rarer languages. Allowing participants to speak in their own language can contribute immeasurably to the success of your event.

Planning an event or need an interpreter for negotiations?

Events where we work include:

  • High-level bilateral and multilateral meetings
  • Meetings of international organizations, international federations of sports or trade union organizations, etc
  • Workshops and seminars for international NGOs
  • Delegation visits
  • Technical conferences
  • Congresses
  • Symposiums
  • AGMs
  • Meetings of governing bodies
  • Broadcasts on television, radio and the internet
  • Business negotiations

AIIC’s skilled interpreters ensure content is faithfully rendered in all its subtlety from one language and culture into others, allowing clients to accurately put their message across and to communicate effectively. Confidentiality is an integral part of our professionalism, and every AIIC member is bound by a Code of Professional Ethics.

Learn more about interpreting and the benefits of working with AIIC interpreters.

To ensure that things run smoothly, AIIC’s expert working groups have developed a series of guidelines, such as Technical Requirements or the AIIC Guidelines for Distance Interpreting that apply when your interpreters are not in the same room as the speaker(s). These provide plenty of information on the equipment required to achieve high-quality interpretation whilst protecting the health and safety of interpreters.

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Interpreters at work in a conference setting