There are many different interpreting markets in the world’s fastest growing region, with a strong demand for interpretation between the different Asian languages, and between Asian and Western languages. Many international organizations, federations and NGOs regularly hold multilingual events in Asia-Pacific requiring interpretation in their official languages and in those of the host country.

International diplomacy

AIIC interpreters in Asia-Pacific work at the highest levels of international diplomacy, accompanying ministers and heads of state at confidential bilateral meetings and international summits.

International organizations

Asia-Pacific is home to various international organizations that rely extensively on conference interpreters. These include organizations within the United Nations system, such as UNESCAP in Bangkok, UNAKRT / Khmer Rouge Tribunal in Phnom Penh, and the World Health Organization’s Regional Office in Manila. AIIC interpreters also work regularly for regional organizations like the Secretariat of the Pacific Community in Nouméa.

Corporate clients

In the corporate sector, multinational companies and financial institutions rely on the services of skilled, professional interpreters for their business negotiations, company conferences, training programmes and for industry-wide events.

International NGOs, sports federations and trade unions and countless other conveners meet regularly in the region.

The interpreting markets in Asia-Pacific involve a huge diversity of sectors, languages and countries. There are numerous highly-qualified AIIC interpreters here in the region ready to meet the challenge and exceed expectations.

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