Apart from the international recognition that membership of AIIC provides, it brings numerous benefits to conference interpreters: from greater visibility and networking opportunities to training, representation and information sharing.


The database of members is up-to-date and always available online. Here clients can find all AIIC members and details of their language combinations. The online database is a practical search engine where potential clients can quickly find what they are looking for and search for AIIC interpreters by language and/or location.


As a professional association with over 3,000 fellow-interpreters across five continents, AIIC provides many opportunities for effective networking.


The Assembly takes place every three years and brings together hundreds of AIIC conference interpreters from around the world.

Asia-Pacific Regional Meetings

Approximately once a year, AIIC members in Asia-Pacific come together to discuss the regional and global issues affecting conference interpreting and to empower each other to promote the profession and AIIC standards in the region. These regional gatherings are often accompanied by training workshops, seminars and social events.

regional meeting Thai market 2019

PRIMS Meetings

PRIMS is AIIC’s Sector for professional freelance interpreters working on international and national private markets and in the public sector. Meetings are usually held twice a year and include panel sessions that non-members and industry stakeholders are welcome to attend. More details of PRIMS activities can be found here.


AIIC members enjoy a wide range of continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities at discounted rates. These include interpreter training (refresher courses and new skills), language training, special courses on current events in a given country, and business matters such as marketing and negotiating skills. Members receive targeted announcements about upcoming training opportunities and can follow the AIIC Events page to track new training offers.

Information and Guidelines

AIIC provides members with information about the profession and the market. Members-only websites contain a wealth of resources on interpreting, business practices, professional development and upcoming events, as well as the latest news from AIIC bodies (Executive Committee, regions, sectors, etc.).

Of equal importance are the guidelines developed by AIIC working groups, such as the Technical Guidelines or the work of the AIIC Task Force on Distance Interpreting. With all this information at their fingertips, AIIC members can offer their clients the most relevant advice and services. By joining AIIC, they can also get involved in shaping the profession’s response to changing markets and technology.

members discuss China market at 2019 regional meeting


AIIC and its committees represent the profession at national and international level.

As the only international association of conference interpreters, AIIC negotiates with major clients such as the United Nations, global trade union federations, the World Customs Organisation, the European Union and others. These collective agreements govern remuneration and working conditions and protect the interests of all conference interpreters, members and non-members alike. AIIC’s professional delegations work hard to ensure that these agreements are upheld, thereby preserving the working conditions needed to deliver high-value interpreting services and protect the health and safety of conference interpreters.

By explaining the professional profile of conference interpreters, required qualifications, professional conduct and technical requirements, AIIC guides clients in selecting qualified service providers and at the same time positions AIIC members on the market.

AIIC representatives are active worldwide on a range of committees and working groups – for example on the development of ISO standards for interpreting equipment, and in national professional associations.